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Glice Synthetic Ice - Commercial Grade

Unbeatable skating performance validated by CCM and trusted by NHL pros

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Made for permanent outdoor rinks and commercial installations, these larger 0.5" thick sheets deliver incredible skating performance and feature the best connection system in the industry.

Glice Home
For indoor and temporary outdoor rinks
(24 x 24")

Glice Commercial Grade
For permanent outdoor rinks and rinks larger than 500 sq ft
(6.447' x 3.166')

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The only synthetic ice that improves over time

Smooth seamless skating

Glice Smart-Lock connection system is precision machined for perfect locking between panels to ensure super smooth skating 

Auto lubricating Glice formula

Scientifically developed Glice lubricating formula is released when skated on which delivers consistent performance even after years of use  

Perfect glide and grip

A precise, slow manufacturing process delivers a perfect surface hardness for skating with the most realistic glide and grip factor

NHL Captain practices on Glice 3x a week

Roman Josi, Nashville Predators

Tech Specs

Industry leading quality that will never let you down

Glice Home Glice Commercial Grade
Applications Indoor & temporary outdoor rinks Permanent outdoor & large rinks with Dasherboards
Connection system Puzzle Piece with Smart-Lock Groove Robust Tongue and Groove
Thickness 0.4 in 0.5 in
Size 1.97 x 1.97 ft 3.17 x 6.47 ft
Weight 6.7 lbs 53 lbs
Warranty 5 years 6 years
Lifespan 10 years 12 years
Price per square foot $17.3 / sq ft $19.3 / sq ft
Max recommended rink size 500 sq ft 1100 sq ft
(Contact us for larger sizes)
Self lubricating Yes
Reversible Yes
Material and manufacturing HMW-PE | Sinter pressing & precision CNC machining
Skating performance Exact same incredible skating performance

The New YORK Times

"Glice makes skating season a year-round affair"

Thousands of happy customers in over 85 countries

Practice on Glice puts you ahead of the curve by a long shot.

Cliff Ronning, 19 year NHL vet

I gotta say Glice is as close to real as you can get. We’re real happy! 

Eric Evangilista