Glice Care 2.0 Deep Cleaning Solution


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GliceClean is our deep cleaning solution to maintain a clean white look and optimal gliding performance of your skating surface. 

Unlike regular soaps which can increase friction, GliceClean™ has the same polarity as the Glice polymer that allows for deep penetration and cleaning. GliceClean™ reestablishes the Glice molecular surface structure that enhances glide properties while protecting the surface from stains and abrasion.

✔️ Deep-cleans the Glice ultra-white surface

✔️ Conditions surface for optimal skating

✔️ Protects against stains and abrasion

When to use GliceClean™:

A Glice rink needs regular cleaning. If the rink surface is not looking white or appears to be streaked or discolored, a GliceClean treatment is recommended.

Always follow a GliceClean treatment with GliceCare. It is important GliceClean is washed off before GliceCare is applied.

We recommend diluting GliceClean with 20 parts water (1 part GliceClean) and scrubbing with a sponge mop like this one from Home Depot for the best result. 

For most home rinks, we recommend a deep cleaning with GliceClean every 1-3 months depending on the usage and environment.